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Our Services

[om_max_width max_width=”960″][om_services top_padding=”250″ bottom_padding=”100″][om_services_item title=”Car delivery service” link=”|||” bg_image=”40″]Start your journey with the luxury of a chauffeured transfer with IRent Car Rental Miami or Hire a Car in Miami service. Our chauffeurs can be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination and return you to the Miami airport for your flight home.[/om_services_item][om_services_item title=”DISCOUNTED MULTI-MONTH RENT A CAR RATES IN MIAMI” link=”|||” bg_image=”333″]We offer a number of convenient rent a car Miami fuel plan options. Pay in advance for a full tank of gas and bring the car back empty or simply purchase a full tank just before you return the car to drop-off location.[/om_services_item][om_services_item title=”PROFESSIONAL STAFF” bg_image=”38″]Just when you thought the great service you get from us couldn’t get any better. IRent car rental Miami now offers customer pickup and delivery service to your office, home, repair shop and pickup and delivery to Miami Airport.[/om_services_item][/om_services][/om_max_width]

About Us

[om_about][om_about_item content_block=”counter” title=”Car rental MIAMI” image=”50″ img=”51″ counter_title=”Happy clients” counter_value=”100+”][/om_about_item][om_about_item content_block=”img” title=”About cars” image=”51″ img=”186″ content_img=”182″]One of the largest car rental company in Miami Beach. More than 25 vehicles and premium cars, we have exotic, luxury, economic, full size and many more[/om_about_item][om_about_item content_block=”img” title=”Best car rental rates” image=”51″ img=”187″ content_img=”57″]Starting from 27$/Day. Hire a car rates in Miami vary from vehicle to vehicle. Contact us for discount rate car rental, cheap rate car rental, low rate car rental in Miami for special Multi-month price for renting a vehicle for a month or more.[/om_about_item][/om_about]

What clients say about us?

[om_testimonials][om_testimonials_item author=”Scott Jackson, Los Angeles “]This was our first time renting from IRent Car Rental Miami and we were very pleased with the whole experience. Your price was lower than other companies. Our car rental experience was good from start to finish, so we’ll be back in the future[/om_testimonials_item][om_testimonials_item author=”Emilio Allison, NY”]I love the hire a car service from IRent Miami, however the vehicle was not of the standard of cleanliness I would expect and am accustomed to.[/om_testimonials_item][om_testimonials_item author=”Kristi Rivera, Paris”]Professional staff who know what to do. After a long day traveling, dealing with people who are friendly, polite and efficient makes all the difference.[/om_testimonials_item][/om_testimonials]
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Customers center

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